Laura M.

"Nicolette is a phenomenal personal trainer. I've been working with her for about a year. In that time, she's helped me develop a balanced and positive relationship to fitness and my body - an impressive feat if you ask me.

She is also extremely knowledgeable, helping me correct some muscle imbalances and to find my limits in the face of an inflammatory disorder and old sports injuries. I have chronic pain, with good days and bad, so some days I come into training entirely unmotivated and in a really negative head space. Nicolette -with her saintly patience - knows how to motivate me out of those ruts by identifying my perceived limits and then helping me push them safely.  If I'm having a rough day, she is never short on amazing pep talks.

Oh yeah, she's also super fun to work out with. She makes sure we have a good time, even when she's kicking my butt."

Anthony G.

"Getting my a$$ kicked never felt so good! 

I work out with Nicolette a few times a week, both in personal training sessions and  boot camps, each with their own unique motivating factors. Nicolette makes sure you're pushing yourself enough to see results in a healthy way. In addition to fitness, she knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and will offer the best advice on what works for you, whatever your goal may be.

Nicolette checks on me throughout the week to ensure I'm being a good boy regarding my own workouts and meal plan, or else I'll regret it in my next session :)

I highly recommend Nicolette if you're looking to feel and look your best!"

Christiana R.

"I've been training with Nicolette for 8 months. Although I had been a morning workout person for years, I didn't feel like I was getting stronger. Most importantly, however, I had a New Year's Resolution to improve my posture and knew that I couldn't wait any more to address it.

Nicolette is so knowledgable about postural health. She is thoughtful and measured in her approach, always sure to communicate progress and provide encouragement along the way. The changes in my posture seemed almost immediate. Not only did she create an awareness in me in how I carry my body, but we methodically addressed the different components of postural health (from my back to my hips and neck). 

Beyond drastically improving my posture, I'm stronger than I've ever been. Nicolette is amazing at inspiring determination and driving accountability--both in and outside our training sessions. From making sure I'm balanced in my other workouts to keeping my body energized with my diet. 

If you need someone to push you further, keep you motivated and laugh while doing it--Nicolette is your girl."

Sarah m.

"I have been going to Nicolette for about a year now and I love it.  Twice a week she helps me be become a stronger, happier person.  Her work outs are hard but she is motivational and supportive.  She also focuses on nutrition and eating well, which is so important and something I will forever struggle with - but she makes me want to try harder. 

She is constantly educating herself which is such a benefit to her clients. Workouts are never static or boring. They are challenging and mentally stimulating and the hour long session flies by. I'm dripping with sweat by the end of every meeting, but I leave feeling strong and powerful. 

I look forward to seeing her every training session because I know I am getting far more than what I pay for.  You should stop questioning whether or not you should work with her, and just do it.  You will not regret it."

Catherine m.

"I trained with Nicolette for a couple of months at Diakadi gym before moving away to NYC. She is an amazing trainer. We started off slow, which I learned to appreciate as my training went on. She measure's everything, studies your posture and really aims to make a workout plan for you body and its strengths and weaknesses . I grew so much stronger because of her and I miss her and her workouts so much! Highly highly recommend her personal training!!"

Alicia P.

"This is long over due as I've been training w/ Nicolette for over 2 years now and yet i STILL like to get my a$$kicked by her on the daily. 

I'm, nor have I ever been, super into "fitness" however she makes me want to be. You could be a beginner or advance and she's going to push you, make you uncomfortable and make you laugh at the same time. You know that saying, "you get what you put in"...well you can't slack off with her, so you're always putting in max, you will always put in a ton of effort..she won't let you off the hook :*) 

What's so cool is that Nicolette is open to new things, she keeps the workouts & Bootcamps fresh and challenging, even after 2 years I am learning something new about my body & diet.  She is both a student and teacher of her profession. Setting goals, managing expectations and coaching along the way are towering strengths of hers and I say that with the most sincerity. 

So don't wait, go and get you're sweat on!"

Kathryn D.

"I started training with Nicolette out of frustration--I had tried and abandoned a bunch of different things to shake up my fitness routine, with no results, so invested in three months of personal training to bust through the plateau. Over the course of those months, what started as a temporary extravagance quickly became a part of my life that felt non-negotiable. Nicolette totally reshaped the way I treat my body, and gave me new pride for it.

I have always been explicitly unathletic--uncoordinated, inflexible and a general hater of exercise. I worked out reluctantly and half-heartedly. With Nicolette's coaching and programming, though, I started to find satisfaction in challenging myself, knowing that I had done the absolute most I was capable of. Even better is seeing that max increase as I get stronger, enabling me to do things today that I wouldn't have dreamed of a year ago. Nicolette is brilliant at knowing just how far to push me--she consistently gets me to do more than I thought I could (and isn't amused by excuses) but never asks for anything impossible, and is always gentle and encouraging when I fall short. 

Most surprising to me is the way training with Nicolette has had an impact so far beyond our sessions: with the calendars she gives me, I know exactly what I need to do each day so am driven and purposeful even in my solo workouts; with her nutritional coaching and accountability, I know how to fuel my body and am eating cleaner; and with a renewed respect for what I'm capable of, I am pushing myself outside the gym. I never imagined that I would pay someone to make me pry myself out of bed at at a dark, ungodly hour in order to push my body to exhaustion for 60 sweaty minutes--and am still shocked to realize that I actually look forward to it. I am so grateful to Nicolette for her coaching and friendship, and for the changes she has empowered me to make."

Tiffany K.

"Nicolette has been my trainer since sept 2012. She has helped me completely turn my life around, after I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. She gave me the tools and knowledge necessary to live a healthy, balanced life. I now feel comfortable in the gym, can create my own workouts, and know how to eat well to see results; and I never feel deprived. I have lost 40lbs, 14% body fat and am the strongest I have ever been. If you are ready to put in the work, Nicolette is your girl!"